Thanksgiving: Where do I begin?

Dear Tulane Community:

One of our brightest and most diverse first-year classes ever. A faculty and staff who are changing the world through pioneering research, cross-disciplinary teaching, discovery and civic engagement. A record fundraising year. A balanced budget and an opportunity to offer Puerto Rican students admission for the spring semester while their home universities recover and rebuild after Hurricane Maria. These are just a few of the reasons for a season of Thanksgiving at Tulane.

And since this is the last View from Gibson before the Thanksgiving break (remember not to come to work or class next Thursday or Friday) I want to wish you, your family and friends a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Not long after your return from Thanksgiving break, there will be a big announcement that is going to make all of us even more grateful. I am talking a historic, big screen, live stream, cheerleaders and dancing team announcement. I really can’t say any more right now. But something BIG is coming…

Happy Thanksgiving,