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President's Participation at Events

Please refer to the following guidelines when requesting President Fitts' participation at a Tulane University event. To inquire about scheduling or to submit briefing materials, please contact Eric Allen, senior aide to the president, at 504-314-2614 or eallen6@tulane.edu.

Note: advance notice of at least 60 days is required in order to request the president’s participation at an event, which is dependent on his availability.

Though a date may be held, his participation is not confirmed until the designated contact person from the requesting department receives written confirmation from the president's office.


The department initiating the request should contact Eric Allen in order to select date(s). Once a date is on hold, a representative from the department must complete and submit the President’s Participation at Events Request Form (PDF)

The department must prepare a briefing packet for the president. The final version of the briefing packet should be submitted electronically to Eric Allen at least 14 days prior to the event. The packet should include:  

  • Logistical information: event name, start/end time, location, address
  • Event program: detailed minute-to-minute timeline of event flow and speaking order
  • Room set-up (ex. classroom style; round tables; U-shape)
  • A/V set-up
  • RSVP list with full names/affiliations; if no RSVP, include a general description of attendees
  • President’s role at the event
  • If applicable, name and title for person introducing the president to speak
  • If applicable, name and title for person that the president should introduce to speak next
  • If applicable, names and titles for people seated at the president's table
  • Biographies for speakers and honorees
  • Contact information for organizing department’s on-site staff: name, title, campus number, mobile number, email

The department must provide the necessary support staff to work before, during and after the event.

The department is responsible for all expenses associated with the event.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact Eric Allen with any questions.