A Special View from Gibson - The Election

Dear Tulane Community,

After a late night and a very long campaign, our nation has elected a new president. This election revealed deep and abiding divisions in our country, over race and class, gender and identity, immigration and religion. It has been hard-fought and divisive, and I fear it may leave lasting scars in our country and for many of you.  

Our job as a university community is to seek to understand. We must engage with each other in and out of the classroom, and we will have many opportunities in the days to come to process where we are as a nation.   

Today, however, our most important job is to reach out to support one another, particularly to our students who have struggled mightily with this election. I ask all of you to treat each other with dignity and respect, and to work hard to comfort those who feel particularly vulnerable right now. This is a moment when we must actively choose to come together as a Tulane family.  

Because I know that many students are already struggling right now with the loss of a beloved friend last week, magnified by the tumult of the election, I want to remind you that CAPS, while very busy with scheduled appointments, will welcome any student who is in crisis on a walk-in basis. Immediate crisis counseling is also available to students 24/7 through The Line at 504-264-6074. Student Resources and Support Services is also a place for students to talk with trained staff about their well-being. Student Resources and Support Services can be reached at 504-314-2160 or by visiting Suite G02 on the ground floor of the LBC. After hours, students can also reach an on-call professional for emergency situations by calling 504-920-9900.

The Employee Assistance Program is available for faculty and staff seeking counseling. Other resources for faculty and staff are available through Workforce Management Organization (WFMO) at 504-865-5280 or http://www2.tulane.edu/wfmo.  

I appreciate everything that you do to support each other, and the work you do to make Tulane live up to its values.


Signature of Mike Fitts