Send Me Your Questions

Dear Tulane Community,

Finding answers is one of the primary reasons Tulane University exists. Questioning how and why things are done is the first step in the process of discovery that lies at the heart of our teaching, learning and research mission.

Answering questions and providing information about all things Tulane is also at the heart of my upcoming Town Hall Meeting, which will take place from 10 to 11 a.m., Friday, Oct. 28, in Dixon Hall.

You have as big a role to play in this event as I do by making sure I address the most pertinent issues and answer the most pressing questions. So send me your queries on any Tulane-related subject including (but not limited to) academics, research, enrollment, diversity, tuition, safety, athletics, new buildings, old buildings, planned buildings and more!

In addition to your questions, I will also address those raised by our parents and alumni who will attend the Town Hall as part of the many activities surrounding Homecoming, Reunion and Family Weekend. If you can't attend the Town Hall in person you can follow the action and submit questions via our live blog.

Can't wait to get your questions!