Reaching Out, Working Together

Dear Tulane Community:

We are nearing the end of an exhausting and destructive hurricane season, one that reminds us of how lucky we have been in New Orleans this year, and how much help we owe our neighbors and friends across the Caribbean and Gulf Coast regions.  

Most recently we have been contacting universities still closed in Puerto Rico to see how we can best help. This includes offering to host their students for a semester at Tulane in the same way so many schools accepted our students after Hurricane Katrina. Meanwhile, Tulane students are spearheading alternative winter and spring break trips, supply drives, summer international relief trips and more for all hurricane-impacted communities in the Caribbean. You can support these efforts here and also find ways to aid victims of the recent earthquake in Mexico and this season’s other storms here.

In addition, we continue to bring our expertise to a subject of growing importance — how to create resilient communities capable of surviving and thriving in the wake of future disasters and dangers both natural and manmade. From the work of the ByWater Institute to the Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy, we focus on rising seas and sinking coastlines, on healing the impact of trauma and on preparing local governments for crises.  Our work is based in science, steeled by firsthand experience and destined for the empowerment of communities throughout the world.