One Month In

Dear Tulane:

It's hard to believe: I am 1 month old! Today marks my one-month anniversary as president of Tulane University. I have enjoyed every minute of it—even on those few occasions when I have gotten lost finding my way around New Orleans. (Feel free to intervene and direct me if you see me lost in the coming weeks.)

Each day, as I meet and get to know more and more members of the Tulane community, one thing stands out: the genuine love and affection Tulanians have for this venerable and dynamic institution. There is something quite magical about Tulane. I feel it every day.  

As we go forward, I also have seen a shared commitment to our being a true national leader in every way, achieving the very best in teaching, research and public service. As one person said to me only yesterday, we, more than most schools, can be a leader in addressing the world's most pressing problems through social innovation.  

This vision and the infectious Tulane spirit are present in everyone I have met in our amazing community, from the doctors at Tulane Medical Center to our Office of Admission team, which has assembled an extraordinary new class that ranks among the best in Tulane's long history. I cannot wait to welcome this exciting group – new Tulanians like myself –  and get all of our returning students back in the classroom and in the city. A great adventure awaits us all.

Part of that adventure will be the opportunity to experience college football on our campus – where it belongs. I toured Yulman Stadium this week. It is an inspiring facility. For both student-athletes and fans, Yulman Stadium will not only serve as an arena where games are played, but as a space where lasting memories are made and lifelong friendships are forged. It will bring the entire community together.

Yulman Stadium, a brand-new class and a brand-new semester are all on the immediate horizon. No wonder, although it may be the dead of summer, it feels like spring here at Tulane.

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