My Conversation with Walter Isaacson

Dear Tulane Community:


I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Walter Isaacson, the bestselling biographer and Leonard A. Lauder Professor of American History and Values at Tulane. Our conversation focused on higher education in general and Tulane in particular as we look forward to a future, post-pandemic world. We also discussed the university’s lifesaving research and world-leading scholarship, as well as its role as an anchor institution poised to lead an economic renewal and transformation of New Orleans and our region.


Innovations in teaching and research that were necessitated by the pandemic, but will live on for years to come, were part of the discussion, too. And, like any in New Orleans, the conversation eventually included food and, specifically, which local restaurant has the best po’boy.


Our wide-ranging conversation was the latest installment of On Good Authority, the university podcast launched last year that features fresh perspectives and insights from leading Tulane experts on local, national and global topics. Please tune in to this conversation between two old friends on the subjects about which we are the most passionate – Tulane, New Orleans and our collective future.

Listen to the Podcast