Move-In Day

Dear Tulane Community:

Students, students, students. The campus is being transformed before my eyes. It is so great to finally welcome our new and returning students back to Tulane — where they belong! Today, I will be on hand to help our new class find its way on campus and get settled during our annual Move-In Day. My month-long head start has made me somewhat of an expert on moving in. Like our new students, I packed my bags this summer and relocated from the place of my birth, where I spent almost all my adult life, to come to this magical university and city. This is why I share a special kinship with the Class of 2018 already. We are all starting our freshman year at Tulane together.

Besides Move-In Day, today also marks the beginning of a new way for me to communicate with you. Each week I plan to send you "The View from Gibson," which will cover important university priorities, news and events as well as some personal anecdotes and reflections. Although the view may be from Gibson Hall, I plan to write from the perspective of all of our campuses — uptown, downtown, Elmwood, the Northshore, Biloxi, Madison and more.

In addition to this, I will continue tweeting my observations and experiences at Tulane and beyond, including my adventures during Move-In Day. Please follow me at @TUFitts. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go move some boxes.