Hurricane Michael and How You Can Help

Dear Tulane Community:

We continue to hold Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and other states impacted by Hurricane Michael in our hearts and prayers. We have reached out to our students who live in the areas hit hardest by the storm to offer support.

We are also mobilizing efforts through the Center for Public Service and the Community Action Council of Tulane University Students (CACTUS) to aid those areas recovering from Hurricane Michael, as well as Hurricane Florence. Our efforts will include service trips by students to affected towns and cities, educational programming on disaster relief, as well as collaborations with universities in Florida and surrounding states. You can support these initiatives by contributing to the WaveStarter campaign.

We also need the best ideas from everyone – students, faculty and staff – on the programs and projects we should undertake to speed the recovery in Florida and other locales where this particularly trying hurricane season has visited its fury. At Tulane, we know full well how the difficult road to recovery can be made easier and shorter by the concern, care and help of others.

Join me and your fellow Tulanians as we try to return some of the goodwill that we have received.