Help for Colleagues in Flooded Areas

Dear Colleagues:

I have been closely monitoring the unprecedented and tragic flooding that has impacted our surrounding parishes over the last five days. Many of these areas are home to members of the Tulane family. Please know that we are united with you in your struggle to recover from this disaster which has flooded homes and businesses, ruined cars, upended communities and even taken lives. Counselors at the Optum, the Tulane Employee Assistance Hotline (866-248-4096), are available to help you during this time of heightened stress and anxiety. If you are hearing-impaired please dial 711 before dialing the Hotline number. You may also find the Employee Assistance Program’s website helpful:  The access code for this site is: Tulane.

Our health insurance provider, United Healthcare, is allowing prescription refills to be made early to help residents in impacted areas better prepare for evacuation. I am also instructing all supervisors, who have not yet done so, to reach out to their employees to ensure they are safe and to offer any assistance they can. Please discuss any absences due to road impassability, school closures or other effects of this disaster with your manager. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development’s website has a list of current road closures that you should consult before traveling.

While the New Orleans area was largely spared from this disaster, we know that many in our Tulane community were not as fortunate. Please let us know how we can help.