Hello Tulane University!

Dear Tulane:

The first word I said when I was introduced to the Tulane University community back in February was, “Wow!” I was so moved by your enthusiasm, warmth, energy and support, that this small palindrome was the most appropriate response I could give. Now that the first day of my term as Tulane’s 15th president has arrived, I can only repeat it. Wow, am I glad to be here!

This summer I plan to continue meeting with members of the Tulane community as we make preparations for the arrival of our new class and the beginning of a new academic year.

There is a lot to do but I already know that we have the best students, faculty and staff to achieve all of our goals. I have long admired the Tulane community from afar for its dedication and grit. I can’t tell you how much I am now looking forward to serving as your president.

What a great future we have ahead of us!