Great Tulane Students Today and Tomorrow

Tulane Community:

I just have one question. Where would we be without the wonderful Tulane students of today?

This is what I kept asking myself Wednesday evening as I met one extraordinary Tulane student after another at the annual Crest Awards. Sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, the Crest Awards recognize excellence in leadership, scholarship, initiative and community service by both individual students as well as student organizations. The Crest Awards also honor some exceptional, and unsung, staff members who dedicate their careers to making the Tulane student experience the most fulfilling, meaningful and memorable anywhere.

But as outstanding and accomplished as the Tulane students of today are, they won't be at Tulane forever. Which leads me to another question. Where are we going to find the extraordinary Tulane students of tomorrow? I am hoping a good place to start is the upcoming Multicultural Preview Weekend. At the weekend's opening reception last night I had the honor of welcoming 45 prospective students of color who have been accepted by Tulane.

Over the next few days these potential Tulanians will tour campus and New Orleans, attend classes, speak with professors, meet with academic advisors and financial aid counselors, eat in our dining facilities, attend social events and more. We are hoping they will be as impressed with us as we are with them. And with any luck, we will be seeing them on campus next year and maybe at the next Crest Awards.