Dr. King

Dear Tulane Community:

The dream is alive.

Next week Tulane, Dillard, Loyola and Xavier universities will host the 29th Week for Peace, an annual series of events and activities that honors the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King through community service, prayer, panel discussions, music, dance and more.

Taking part in the Week for Peace brings me back to the very beginning of my career. As a newly minted law school graduate in the early 1980s I had the honor of serving as a clerk for Judge Leon Higginbotham, the legendary civil rights activist, who became an advisor to President Lyndon Johnson in the aftermath of Dr. King's assassination.

Much has changed since those days, but the struggle for equality and justice continues with the same urgency and fervor. I hope you will be able to attend at least one of the Week for Peace events. Your participation will help bring the world one step closer to fulfilling Dr. King's dream.