A Day for Rest

Dear Tulane Community:


This has been a most difficult week for the Tulane family. Perhaps we will all benefit from the Labor Day break a little breather before plunging back into the academic year.


Whether you labor over books, in front of computer screens, whiteboards, smartboards or good old-fashioned blackboards; whether your work is in labs, classrooms, exam rooms, dining rooms, residence halls or on our campus grounds, your mental and physical exertion is invaluable to Tulane's mission. Thank you. Please try to take a break during the long holiday weekend ahead. You've earned it.


We are also mindful of the possible impact of Hurricane Dorian on Florida over the Labor Day weekend. The Sunshine State is home to many Tulane students, parents, alumni and friends. Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with them and everyone in the storm's path.