A Message from the President

October 30, 2020

Dear Tulane Community:
I just walked campus again meeting many students, staff and faculty. All seemed in good spirits, plugged-in, masked-up and sharing stories. “Do you have power?” was one of the prevailing questions in every conversation.
While I am very grateful that electricity has been restored on campus, having just gotten power in my own home this afternoon, I am also keenly aware that many of you are approaching a third night without this essential service. I hope our campus can offer some relief for you – a place to recharge your devices, and maybe even your spirits, with food, warmth and (socially distanced) companionship.
As announced earlier, today (10/30) and tomorrow (10/31) Tulane will provide three meals per day for free at the Commons, Dining Pavilion and Green Wave Grille for all students – undergraduate and graduate/professional – with a valid Splash Card. This was an idea created and initiated by Undergraduate Student Government and we are delighted to join in partnership with them to provide this service.
It was heartening to see so many Tulanians back on campus this afternoon. Although they may be storm-battered and pandemic-wearied, they are grateful to be together again. This spirit and the efforts of our amazing and dedicated storm response teams gives me great hope that we will be able to return to a normal class schedule and operations soon.
But first things first. The weekend is coming and the weather has turned from stormy tropical to crisp and clear fall. Please try to find a respite from clean-up and recovery to recover and take care of yourself – and to enjoy the weather for a change.