Letter from the President: Fall 2022

Dear Tulane Community:

Can glass on a beach be a Tulane value? Yes, but let me explain.

When young alumni work with an interdisciplinary group of Tulane scientists to use sand made from recycled glass to restore Louisiana's coastlands, they are exemplifying Tulane values. Such unconventional innovation, collaboration and use of knowledge for good are among the core values our community recently identified as fundamental qualities that define our university or what we hope will define it as we strive ever forward.

Like the Glass Half Full effort mentioned above, our core values are different from most institutions. They are rooted in our unique history and location and are more than single-word descriptors. Tulane values are active and life­changing. They are like the spectacular oak trees that populate our campus. Rooted in research, public service and the free exchange of ideas, the branches of Tulane stretch far beyond the borders of campus, giving back to the New Orleans community and to the wider world, addressing the problems of today and providing comfort and shade for the centuries ahead.

As we were formalizing and disseminating our values, Tulane researcher Tracy Fischer published a groundbreaking study on COVID-19's effects on the central nervous system; creative writing professor Jesmyn Ward became the youngest person to receive the Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction; and our Naval ROTC program was singled out from among nearly 500 programs nationwide to receive the Department of Defense ROTC Educational Institution Partnership Excellence Award. These are just a few of numerous examples of Tulane values at work!

Leading/or a Better Tomorrow
To be a Tulanian is not only to hope for a better tomorrow, but to work every day to bring it about. From researching new vaccines and treatments to studying ancient texts to building the cities of the future, Tulanians are helping advance society so we can all enjoy better healthcare, safer living conditions and a thriving and sustainable future.

Knowledge for Good
Tulane's motto "Not for oneself, but for one's own" means that the knowledge we seek is not knowledge exclusively for its own sake, but for the good of others. That good comes in many forms and includes the arts, the sciences, business, law, architecture and more - most often the good emerges from the combined efforts of the best experts in different fields.

Unconventional Innovation
With ingenuity and a growth mindset, we bring together bold and creative scholars, scientists and students who are committed to crossing, combining and redefining the boundaries that have separated fields and thwarted true innovation. Through our unique educational and research vision, we employ unconventional innovation to achieve results that matter the most.

Inclusive Community
We are committed to creating a community rooted in equity, diversity and inclusion. Recognizing our common humanity, our shared destiny and the value each of us brings to the table is not only the right thing to do, it also defines a great university and hastens us toward a future that benefits and celebrates everyone.

Collaborative Engagement
Tulane is rooted in the idea that looking outward leads to impactful, real-world solutions that bring positive change for others. Our contributions to society are evident in the lives we transform and problems we solve. We are driven by knowing the good we can accomplish for our community and our world.

Inspiring Excellence
We are purpose-driven and intentional in everything we do. Our distinctive attitude, grit and passion inspire our commitment to excellence. As we continue to grow and prepare the next generation of leaders, we task ourselves to seek more, do more and be more.

Tulane's values are not proscriptive or static, nor do they change from day to day - rather they are the essence of who we are and the sum of the difference we strive to make. They unite us, inspire us in the face of challenges and embolden us to think, to learn, to act, to lead and to hope.

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