Leadership Institute Launch

January 13, 2021

Dear Tulane Community,

Today is an important day for Tulane University as we officially launch the Tulane University Leadership Institute (TULI), which will provide professional development for faculty and staff across our community. One measure of the greatness of a university is the degree to which it relies on a diverse and wide array of perspectives to chart its future. The Leadership Institute's purpose is to bring out the absolute best in our community, as we pursue our common mission. Today we commence the Institute's two inaugural programs: the Anti-Racism Leadership Program and the Emerging Leaders Program.

The Leadership Institute is a central part of A Plan for Now, an initiative to bring about swift progress in making Tulane a more diverse, equitable and inclusive university. The Institute seeks to identify and nurture future university leaders while enhancing the skills, insight and vision of current leaders. Dr. Shantay Bolton, vice president and deputy chief operating officer, will direct the Institute.

Over the next 12 months, the 60 participants selected for the highly competitive TULI programs will engage in live, interactive video conferences, webinars, individual coaching sessions, cohort meetings, practicums and community service projects.

Guided by Dr. Anneliese Singh, chief diversity officer, the goal for each Anti-Racism Leadership Program participant is to:

  • Learn about systemic racism, racial trauma, anti-Black racism, colorism, interlocking oppressions, and other topics foundational to an understanding of anti-racism leadership.

  • Explore the history of racism and other intersectional systems at Tulane and in New Orleans.

  • Think critically about how racial inequities manifest in the workplace and strategies to create more equitable, diverse and inclusive work environments.

The goal for each Emerging Leaders Program participant is to:

  • Provide the next generation of leaders with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to contribute to business management and leadership at the highest level.

  • To identify high potential employees and build networks that extend beyond their respective departments.


This launch begins a new chapter at Tulane. As one of the most respected research universities in the country, our continuing success is dependent on fostering an environment of continual learning and growing for our students as well as our staff and faculty members. In this way, we will build the university of the future, an academic community that recognizes and celebrates the contributions of all and the power of diverse perspectives to lead Tulane to greater success.


Mike Fitts