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Note:  In preparing today’s View from Gibson, I inadvertently failed to mention the catastrophic damage to the islands and areas outside the continental United States.  I am very sorry for the omission and my thoughts and prayers are with all the residents of those affected countries and territories, as well as with the members of the Tulane community who have ties to the area.  – President Fitts


Our Response to Irma

Thursday, September 14, 2017



Dear Tulane Community:

Like you, my heart breaks as I view the images of destruction that followed Hurricane Irma’s landfall in the beautiful state of Florida, home to so many of our students, alumni, friends and colleagues. For many of us, Florida also holds treasured memories of beach trips and summer vacations filled with magic and wonder that now seem very distant.

But now is the moment that Florida needs us more than ever. As we are still reaching out to our neighbors in Texas, and remembering those impacted in other states, including Louisiana, we are also mobilizing our efforts to help our neighbors to the east in this season of twin tragedies. Our Center for Public Service has a list of ways you can help survivors of both storms here. And, of course, we are assisting our students from these storm-affected areas.

Although the situation may appear grim now and the road ahead difficult and uncertain, we know from experience that, with the help of us all, the communities hit by Irma and Harvey will recover, rebuild and renew. And that one fine day, not too far in the future, summer will return once again to the Sunshine State and to the Heart of Texas.

Signature of Mike Fitts