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Happy Mardi Gras Tulane!

Friday, February 9, 2018



Dear Tulane Community:

This weekend begins our annual Mardi Gras break. My wish is for all of you to embrace the joy, magic and relentless creativity of this uniquely New Orleans celebration, while staying safe and looking out for one another.

Cheer on our marching band as they provide the soundtrack for these major parades. Learn about the history of Carnival and the rich traditions that make it so special. And remember to stay close to your friends and follow these safety tips.

I hope that you catch a Zulu coconut and an Orpheus doubloon, and if you were very, very lucky, that you caught a Muses shoe last night. I also hope that you invent an epically creative costume with cardboard, duct tape and more. (Please send pictures if you do.) And I hope that you form another set of treasured memories of the joyfulness of our community.

Happy Mardi Gras Tulane!

Signature of Mike Fitts