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Faculty Awards

Four teaching awards are presented at University Commencement each May -- two for undergraduate teaching and two for graduate and professional teaching.

Undergraduate Teaching Awards

President medal Suzanne and Stephen Weiss Presidential Fellows Awards, 2007-present

Through a generous gift in 2006 from Stephen Weiss, a Tulane parent and board member, and his wife, Suzanne Weiss, an endowed fund was established to create the Suzanne and Stephen Weiss Presidential Fellows Awards at Tulane. Because of the generosity of the Weiss family, two awards are presented to full-time faculty members to recognize excellence in undergraduate teaching, student advising and instructional improvement and development. All undergraduate students nominate candidates for the awards, with final selections made by a special faculty committee appointed by the president. In 2007, the first two Weiss Presidential Fellows were presented at University Commencement. The title of Suzanne and Stephen Weiss Presidential Fellow is held by a faculty member for the duration of their appointment at Tulane. In addition to the title, each awarded faculty member receives a medal and research funds of $5,000 a year for four years.

The recipient wears the medal on formal academic occasions such as commencement ceremonies or whenever academic costumes are worn. The design of the Weiss medallion was inspired by an architectural detail found on the southwestern dormer of Tilton Memorial Hall. Constructed in 1902, the hall originally was built to house the university library. Intricate stone carving and decoration embellish its façade.

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Tulane President's Award for Undergraduate Teaching, 2000-2005

One award was given to a full-time faculty member who made a distinctive contribution to undergraduate teaching and who influenced and helped students beyond the formal role of teacher. The award was replaced with the creation of the Suzanne and Stephen Weiss Presidential Fellows Awards in 2007.


Graduate Teaching Awards

Graduate level president awardTulane President's Awards for Excellence in Professional and Graduate Teaching, 2000-present

The President's Awards for Excellence in Professional and Graduate Teaching were established in the year 2000. Through 2005, one recipient was named each year. No award was given in 2006. Since 2007, two awards have been given to faculty members who have a sustained and compelling record of excellence in teaching and learning and an ongoing commitment to educational excellence. Graduate Teaching awardees each receive a one-time $5,000 cash award and a medallion designed by Professor Emeritus Franklin Adams.

The recipient wears the medal on formal academic occasions such as commencement ceremonies or whenever academic costumes are worn. The medal bears a stylized rendering of the shield that is an integral part of the university coat of arms. The grouping of three towers represents the arms of the city of Tours in France that was the home of the Tulane family for years. The crescents with flanking stars are from the arms of Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, who founded the city of New Orleans. The quartering of these two arms on the shield signify the identification of the university with the city. The Latin motto, Non Sibi Sed Suis, is translated as "not for one's self, but for one's own."

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Award Recipients School Level Year
Laura Rosanne Adderley Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2018
Meenakshi Vijayaraghavan Science & Engineering Weiss - Undergraduate 2018
Kerstin Höner zu Bentrup Medicine Graduate/Professional 2018
Marc Zender Liberal Arts Graduate/Professional 2018
Janet C. Hoeffel Law Graduate/Professional 2017
Victor Moll Science & Engineering Graduate/Professional 2017
Elisabeth McMahon Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2017
Beth Wee Science & Engineering Weiss - Undergraduate 2017
Rajunor Ettarh Medicine Graduate/Professional 2016
William Balée Liberal Arts Graduate/Professional 2016
Michael Kuczynski Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2016
Toni Weiss Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2016
Keith Werhan Law Graduate/Professional 2015
Chad S. Miller Medicine Graduate/Professional 2015
Rebecca Mark Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2015
W T. Godbey Science & Engineering Weiss - Undergraduate 2015
Gary Dohanich Science & Engineering Graduate/Professional 2014
Diego Rose Public Health & Tropical Medicine Graduate/Professional 2014
Scott Grayson Science & Engineering Weiss - Undergraduate 2014
Jeffrey Gunshol Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2014
Gabriel A. Feldman Law Graduate/Professional 2013
Dr. Elma Ireland LeDoux Medicine Graduate/Professional 2013
T.R. Johnson Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2013
Dr. Latha Rajan Public Health & Tropical Medicine Weiss - Undergraduate 2013
Martin Davies Law Graduate/Professional 2012
Scott Bernhard Architecture Graduate/Professional 2012
Randy Sparks Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2012
Janet Ruscher Science & Engineering Weiss - Undergraduate 2012
Stacy Overstreet Science & Engineering Graduate/Professional 2011
Richard Streiffer Medicine Graduate/Professional 2011
Lev Kaplan Science & Engineering Weiss - Undergraduate 2011
Molly Rothenberg Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2011
Don Gaver Science & Engineering Graduate/Professional 2010
Larry Powell Liberal Arts Graduate/Professional 2010
Constance Balides Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2010
Nghana Lewis Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2010
John Perdew Science & Engineering Graduate/Professional 2009
Tania Tetlow Law Graduate/Professional 2009
Judith Maxwell Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2009
Justin Wolfe Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2009
Linda Carroll Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2008
Michael Cunningham Science & Engineering Weiss - Undergraduate 2008
Gary Dohanich Science & Engineering Weiss - Undergraduate 2007
Susann Lusnia Liberal Arts Weiss - Undergraduate 2007