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Photo Challenge

President Fitts issues an unusual challenge for all first-year students each year. As they spend their first two weeks exploring Tulane and New Orleans, they take photos of the most intriguing places and send it to the president. The submissions are displayed here and President Fitts chooses five that are the most memorable and unique. The lucky photographers and a guest will be treated to a meal at Commander's Palace with the president.


2016 Winners

Samantha Hilburn sent in this photo where she is "Waving" goodbye to Mom and Dad...
[Samantha Hilburn with her arms around her parents sitting on the bed in her dorm room]

Ramsey Jenscke submitted this photo of Audubon Park in the rain.
[A cyclist rides past a large, moss-covered oak in Audubon Park]

Mary Teeler sent in this great shot of Canal Street at sunset.
[Streetcars on Canal Street at sunset]

Yiqi Liu sent in a number of photos from amazing places in New Orleans. This one was President Fitts' favorite.
[Gibson Hall with a banner welcoming new students]

Last but not least, Lauren Gaines sent in a number of beautiful photos from her exploration of New Orleans. President Fitts liked these two in particular: a shot from the final performance at First Fest and a picturesque scene she observed while sailing down the Bayou Manchac with the Explore Program.

[A crowd stands in front a stage where a band is playing, backlit by pink and purple lights]

[A view of bayou Manchac from a boat]

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Presidential Photo Challenge! Check out all the entries for this and previous years on Tumblr.